5 Lessons on Customer Data in Easy to Use CRM You Just Cannot Ignore

5 Lessons on Customer Data in Easy to Use CRM You Just Cannot Ignore

Anyone who has served customers acknowledges that the customer experience that you offer to them is the ultimate key for getting closer to your customers.
However, for this, you require a true understanding of what your customers need and wants, what they do and how they do it by mapping their journey through your brand.

In this day and age, gaining this understanding and knowledge about your customers needs access to, and the ability to understand and analyze customer data, which can be done easily once you buy CRM for your business growth. 

Nevertheless, as a vendor of small business CRM software it continues to surprise us the degree to which businesses do not use customer data found in their business growth technology solutions adopted by their companies for increasing customer experience of their brands.

Therefore, to succeed in this competitive world, businesses are required to flip this notion around and focus primarily on support as sales will subsequently follow after that.

This is because profiling from a better customer experience and the loyalty it derives from it implies accepting that the experience is related on how your business is perceived by the consumers of your brand as the result of the interactions that the customers had with you over time.

Now, to change this perception, organizations must focus on anticipating the requirements of their customers by appropriately using and understanding the information in the CRM database, which is one of the greatest priorities for any organization wishing to improve customer experience with their brand.

Therefore, with these ideas in mind, here are 5 customer data lessons that your business cannot afford to ignore once you buy CRM for improving Customer Experience (CX) your brand.

1. Value the data you are already generating appropriately

Every organization already collects and stores customer data once they buy CRM in its easy to use CRM software platforms.

Now as the field of analytics is turning more and more predictive, there are greater values to be found on the information that you have gathered in your CRM database.

In fact, we as one of the award-winning vendors of the best small business CRM software would suggest that one of the most costly assets is the customer insights that you can find by analyzing the data that you already have in your easy to use CRM software.

2. Consider your customer data as a strategic asset

In many organizations, speaking of the customer data that they have is most often owned by the ‘IT’ departments in the company.

Although this is fine, but it is only so as long as senior executives in the company shares the responsibility for ensuring that the information in the CRM database is complete, accurate, and consistent and therefore data in the CRM is not considered just as a by-product of the customer interactions but as a strategic asset required for boosting sales and support services leading to rapid business growth.

3. Make your customer data easily accessible across your organization

Data integration is not as easy as it seems. Since without a proper business growth technology (like an all-in-one CRM) free flow of information across channels and silo systems will neither happen magically overnight nor can cross-channel marketing and omnichannel experience can be done without the right tool.

Therefore, if you want to boost your operations and drive engagements for rapid sales growth, always make sure that your data is of out of silo software platform and get it accessible and connected across all business processes in your company.

4. Do not let “big-data hype” blur the business value of small data

Referring to “small data” we are citing to a database that consists of specific attributes of the customers and can be used to evaluate the present condition of your business. Example of which can be found in, text analytics of VoC (Voice-of-the-Customer) comments, or customer satisfaction surveys. 

We say this, since if you are one among the small minority of business that has total control of small data in your easy to use CRM, then ‘Vaya con Dios’, else back away from big data. 

5. Use your data to understand all customers and each customer

There are several ways once you buy CRM you can use the data in the CRM database to better understand and serve your customers.

For example, one way is to apply data in a way so that it aids in making informed service decisions, by identifying customers who are more valuable and loyal and making them instantly move to the front of the support ticket queues, while you can reroute lower value customers and provide them with relatively long waiting time for resolving their issues.


Therefore, the main thing is that integrating customer data and the key and important insights derived from analyzing the data  aids businesses to make informed and intelligent decisions around departments as diverse as marketing, sales, product development, and customer support.
However many businesses are yet to leverage business growth technology or shift their businesses processes and organizational structure in a way that permits intelligent use of customer insights by using easy to use CRM software for consistent sales and revenue growth.

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