4 Ways to Upsell for Your Small Business

 4 Ways to Upsell for Your Small Business

Recently one of our customers went for a spa therapy when an attendant offered her a deal: If she goes for a full body Thai Spa Treatment, she could get a complete pedicure and manicure for half the normal price.
Now, the customer did not visit the spa looking for pedicure and manicure, but the price was irresistible. So she splurged.


This is just a prime example of good upselling.


However, when this is done in a wrong manner, upselling can feel like push selling.

But, if you do it rightly, upselling aids customers to discover the added value for your offerings at a price they can easily afford.

Therefore, the trick of good upselling is offering the extra value that is worth the customer’s extra cost.

Here are 4 ways you can use upselling strategies for your startup or small businesses:

1. Changes in payment plan

If you are offering a product or service that run on different plans, like we have for our CRM software for small business , then you can suggest to your customer an upgrade of your services by upselling a moderately higher-priced plan.
Having more than one plan for your products or services is hence an upsell because that provides an improved mix to your basic plan with additional features added to the plan.
Therefore, just having a singular plan can be ineffectual strategy for selling since if you have just one plan for your offering(s) there is no way your customers can differentiate between Starter and Premium plans in your pricing page .

For leveraging your upselling strategies you can also plan a price comparison where you can illustrate side by side comparisons of various features and upgrades you provide in these individual plans.

2. Bring in Customization

Using paid customization of your offerings as an upselling strategy is most effective for increasing the price value of products and services.
For example, there are several car dealership owners those that use this technique to upsell customized seats, paints, or car interiors to their customers.

Basically, over here what you are doing is providing complete customization of your offerings to fit the specific requirements of the buyer but at an additional cost.

For instance, even in the SaaS software marketplace, you can offer customization by adding an extra feature, integration or an upgrade to your customer’s plan but at an extra cost.

This upselling strategy is a win-win factor for both the seller and the customers, as the customer adds value to the already existing product that they have purchased and the company makes extra money by providing that additional offering.

3. Offer Additional Services When Required

You can upsell by offering additional services to an already purchased product or service exactly when the customer needs it.

To do this, you must allow the customer to use the features that are currently unavailable to the user and thereby make the customer understand what they are missing.

However, in this upselling strategy, you must most essentially send the offer to the customer at the right time.
This is because this upselling is not going to work unless and until the customer feels the need for the added value of the offering by themselves while using your products and services.

For example, there are many software solutions in the online publishing industry that allows download of several plugins for free but only for a limited period of time.
Hence, when these limited period offers of these plugins are about to expire, businesses sends a notification to the users of their plugins to extend the time limit for a few more months by paying some extra out of their pockets. Since all you are doing over here is rescuing your customer with something that is beneficial and hence the offer will be welcomed by your customer at all times.

4. Give Free Feature On Trial Basis

Most products and services require regular feature upgrades to work well.

Now you can use this as an upselling technique by offering a free trial of the upgraded feature for a limited time and thereafter when the customers get accustomed to the feature, you can request them to buy the new feature for continuous usage.

For example, we offer a FREE TRIAL of our small business CRM and thereafter, once the user completes 14 days, we ask them to buy the paid version of the CRM if they are happy using the software.

Take away

Hence in a gist, the secret recipe of successful upselling for small businesses remains in delivering added value at an extra cost, which brings more revenue for your business and thereby help in your business growth. 

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