4 Tested Tips for Selling Your Offerings During This COVID 19 Pandemic Times

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Yes, we all shall agree that 2020 began with a lot of expectations and a bang, as many among us saw this as possibly our greatest year, for markets were heading up consistently, unemployment was down and interest rates were optimistic in the marketplace.

All came to a halt abruptly. And all that we thought that we knew went out through the window, as within overnight businesses folded up their shops, unemployment skyrocketed through the roof as COVID-19 crippled the global markets across the world unprecedentedly.

This is really scary for sure!

There are several businesses like us that have been forced to adopt a virtual work environment, supply-chain has altered, and consumerism is now all over the map.

Now, if you are much like myself, continuing to work from our residence (with all our kids at home 24/7) is the one thing that brings some regularity and normalcy in our world.
Being associated with one of the most popular Salesforce Alternative CRM our business centers on helping other establishments sell or support their customers, products, and services.

Nevertheless, all of a sudden we are faced with a monstrous dilemma- how are we supposed to sell our offerings to people and companies during these critical times and even then, is it appropriate to sell and market things in these turbulent times.

Nevertheless, the answers we came up with were neither an absolute “yes” or a hard “no” as we had to choose a forced new perspective, procedures, and processes.

This is because we came to understand that advertisements in businesses need to force adaptations as new processes evolve, while old processes can also be improved and bad methods all together scrapped since advertising in many ways are just techniques that are forced, urgent and improved.

Hence when it comes to selling your offerings in today’s COVID-19 business ecosystem, here are four tips that we want to share to make your business grow:

1. Seek for Buyers Instead of People to “Sell”

Now, there is a great difference between someone who is a buyer and someone who is being sold. Since it is commonly believed that anyone can be sold by an experienced and veteran sales guy- however, this is not the right time to do that.

We say this since now is the time for strategically finding a buyer. But for that, we need to understand ‘what is a buyer’ in the first instance, as a buyer is someone who is actively looking for, or is in dire need of your offerings to improve their quality of life, business or to solve a major problem they have elsewhere.

Therefore, going by this approach, it has less to do with the offering that you are selling and more with WHO you are dealing with, since this needs focusing on others and not just yourself or your company.

Hence if you ask us “How can we do a better job at this?”, dig into your marketing strategies at large and understand the intent data about your potential customer’s activities. Try to use business growth technology and tools like an easy to use CRM and find the buyers who are actively looking for your products or services, since once you discover who they are you can then comfortably approach them if and only if your offerings are a good match to assist them during these turbulent times.

2. Reevaluate What You Can Do Financially

Even though this is not all that easy but it is a highly beneficial exercise. In a time like this, we all need to take a step back and reevaluate a number of things.
Hence during this Pandemic, we need to be more flexible on our pricing strategies and try to look for different ways to provide solutions that are more “in the moment” than usual. 

This implies businesses may look into easing up on their upfront costs and contract lengths for their new customers or issue a few credits on their invoices at the end of the forthcoming months in the noble spirit of building long-term customers and partnerships. Thereby, being more creative and attaching themselves to newer possibilities.

In fact success for businesses right now is all about people. Hence if businesses and brands take care of them now, they will even take care of your businesses later on.

Therefore, create more flexible payment models, provide higher value or smaller packages. Peel back the onion another layer and see what is there and get real with what is important now and adjust quickly, since flexibility right now is the key to consistent business growth .

You may even need to find a new product or service that is more appropriate right at this moment since providing higher value is always a good move.

3. Connect More

Business and life, in general, is all about connecting, which has been presently challenged at this moment with our “lockdown” and “stay at home” orders.
Therefore, people who are normally connecting in different ways have been compromised from doing so lately.

Sales is all about connection.

Hence when selling your offerings during this time make sure to focus on connecting authentically. Show your buyers that you are genuinely concerned and keep your empathy at an all-time high.

Well, since you may not be able to go and visit a prospect or call their office right now, hence think of other ways and means to stay connected to their business.
Apart from just picking up the phone and calling people, set up informal video conferencing check-ins, and if you have been normally meeting your customers at conventions and conferences, get creative and recreate those activities virtually.

For example, many companies have started doing ZOOM and Google Hangout Happy Hours for their employees and customers, which is as a matter of fact really cool, since you may be the only face apart from someone’s immediate friends or family that they are seeing all through the week.

In fact, this COVID-19 pandemic has created an incredible opportunity for businesses to create long term relationships with their customers, so do not be shy or afraid to be a fox-hole friend since fox-hole friendships during these turbulent times are excellent weapons for building everlasting relationships.

4. Be Patient and Take One Day at A Time

Finally, the good news is that this COVID-19 is a malady that will not last forever, as we will surely get through this in the days to come.

Now, in sales even though it is really easy to become impatient when things are not moving fast and conversion rates dip.
Nevertheless, even though things may be really slow right now, but that does not mean we should stop working for achieving our goals.

As one of the major vendors of Salesforce Alternative CRM software solutions across the globe, we believe that irrespective of a tough time or bad times, it is always the process that will get you through as little things make big things happen at the end.

Therefore this period of sales history that we are passing through now requires a heavy game of mental toughness, and by toughness here what we mean is being patient, keeping up an optimistic perspective, and continuing to work as a champion to meet our business and revenue goals.

We cannot just look too far ahead now. Instead, we just have to do the next thing right, keep ourselves aware of what is happing around us and remain open to what comes next.

For this, we might have to change our sales cycle, adjust our conversion expectations and connection rates but one thing that we must remain immovable on is zero-tolerance with negativity.
Therefore, with a mindset of greatness, we must understand that even though times are definitely different now, nevertheless this is not the end.

Rather, we can consider now to be an epic opportunity to grow, evolve, conquer and not stop doing what we do, but just adjust the ways we are doing it and for whom we are doing it to make our businesses remain uncommonly healthy during these turbulent times and beyond.

Let our customers and employees know that we are here to support them in any way we can since we believe that humanity’s biggest challenges have always refocused us to become more creative and build the greatest solutions that need perseverance, compassion, and ingenuity of the human race.

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