4 Prerequisites For Forestalling Customer Experience Process Silos


Do you know what does business and a Broadway musical number or a Ballet have in common?

The answer is, all the players in ballet have an integral part choreographed to convey a satisfactory experience for the audience.
Hence when the choreography is not polished or any player misses a cue, all heck breaks loose, which in business are known as silos or anything that operates in isolation from the rest of the teams.

Now, in business silos means your company is out of sync with your customer’s well-being, which can cause delays, re-work, churn, and eventually lost opportunities for your business and even for your customers.

According to research studies, it has been noticed that possibly the most pains in businesses are caused by solos, which easily affects customer experience, employee experience with your company, and even shareholder experience alike.

On the other hand, the absence of silo processes makes things smooth for everyone, as both employees and follow the path of least resistance and smoothness wins the game.
Hence, in situations and places where silos must remain in businesses, find ways and means to bridge the gap, because silo-bridging is considered as an integral part of delivering a world-class experience to your employees and customers.

Try to find ways and means to expand motivations, perspectives, collaborations, and universality at each instance when a silo is identified, since for customers process silos in any business implies redundant interactions, extra reading, and endless confusions about ‘who-to-go-to-for-what’, which is just another set of problems to solve in their already busy lives.

Therefore, here are four prerequisites for preventing silos and deliver successful customer experience processes:

Prerequisite #1

Sync Workflows with Ease of Doing Business

For eliminating silos conduct an annual audit of your businesses’ workflow to find anything that is out of sync with ease of doing business for your (a) customers, (b) employees, and (c) channel partners.

Now if you identify something that is a hassle, assess the Return on Investment (ROI) of fixing the issue it in terms of consequences to your (a) customers, (b) employees, (c) channel partners, and (d) financials.

For this, start with the processes that touch the customers, and they work backward to the other processes that touch those, and so on. However, never exclude any process as they all count in providing the sync that can ease your businesses’ workflow.

As we mentioned even before that when choreography is not polished or players misses a cue, all heck breaks loose, since any process that is out of sync with the ease of doing business in all probabilities will cost a lot for your company, with unconscious snowballing of cost with the passage of time.

This is because, it must be understood that when things become hard for the customers it is natural that customers put further burden on the company, or they start shopping even from other brands and gradually cease to do business with your company.

Prerequisite #2

Sync Short-Term with Long-Term

Make it amply clear to all in your organization that the short-term actions of your company must sync with your long-term objectives since otherwise, your diligently crafted ‘ease of doing business’ workflows will perish into dust.

This is because the culture is a group’s way of thinking or doing things, so the short-term expectations do in reality have a cascading impact on what your group interprets as what is acceptable or not, and short-term choices impact more strongly in your company’s culture than long-term declarations.

Hence create ways to remind your employees and managers in every functional area and at all levels to keep their short-term goals in sync with the long-term vision of your company.

Prerequisite #3

Sync Customer Experience Efforts

Buy CRM and use this cutting-edge business growth technology to map the customer journey across your customer experience efforts and thereafter synchronize them properly so that it makes sense and maximizes the value to your customers.

For example, consider VOC (Voice of Customer). Try to find out how many requests you have made to the same customer over the year in relationship surveys, transaction surveys, and so on.
Additionally, if a customer of your brand has just been asked to provide feedback on something, is it the right timing to ask them independently to expand their purchase, or ask them to get engaged in a loyalty program, etc,?
This is because the cost mismatching invitations and requests may be higher than you think for your business growth.  

Hence as customer experience management (CXM) is intended to be a blessing for your customers, therefore make sure that your CXM processes are not performed in silos, to create the right value from the perspective of your customers.

Prerequisite #4

Sync Universality

According to Google universality means “involving or being shared by all people or things in the world or in a particular group, being true or appropriate in all situations”.

Hence whenever you create or assign any process or workflow in your business, built-in universality. This is because it is much cost-effective and simpler to create built-in universality that to correct the lacking of it later on.

For example, takeonmi-channel conundrum. Now if you want to sync channels after they have already been established, it will be a huge task to accomplish that will require massive hours and funding, whereas if the “onmi” is built-in right from the start, huge savings and along with it, the easy-of-doing business can be gained by the company with much fewer efforts easily.

It is true that universality needs collaboration and a deep sense of what the consumers define as “right the first time” and so although it can be a more lengthy process at the beginning, you will later on always congratulate yourself for making universality an integral part in the culture of your company.


Therefore, in business when the choreography is refined and thereby polished, any kind of performance (be it on a theatrical stage or in the stage where businesses are performed) always becomes a satisfying experience that people and customers are eager to pay for, spread the word about it and keep coming back for more.

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