21 Trucks That All Lost Their Tops to the Same Vicious Bridge

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Construction problems can happen anywhere. And, it normally starts with a small calculation problem or someone that can’t read designs and drawings correctly. The results can be catastrophic with a lot of damage to structures and to vehicles.

This is what happened with the one vicious bridge that was built too low for most of the trucks that are using the road on a daily basis. The result? 21 trucks that all lost their tops and caused serious traffic delays and damage.  Here are some more about this 11.8inch bridge.

Bridge in news about a bridge that’s too low

This bridge was in the news more than once, because of the accidents it causes. This all because of the bridge lower than the normal bridge height requirements.

A total of 21 trucks was counted over a short period that has collided with the bridge. Some not realizing that the bridge is lower than normal, some realizing it too late. Now, these accidents have slowed down, because of better warning signs further from the bridge, and not just on the bridge self anymore.

Reasons why this might have happened

What was the cause of the bridge lower than the minimum height requirements? Who was at fault; the builders, the contractor or the architect? Or maybe the engineers that should have tested the bridge and clear the bridge for safe usage?

These are all questions that were asked when it became clear that the bridge is lower than the minimum requirements. No one admits that they were at fault. At the end of the day, the inspectors needed to do the measurements of the bridge before it clears the bridge and road underneath for safe usage. Now, they are sitting with a bridge that is hard to go underneath, especially for the higher vehicles and trucks. Just because of the fault of one person.

What they can do about it to rectify the problem

The bridge is built, but what can engineers and contractors do now about the problem. To start with, they need to make sure that the road is closed for all vehicles and trucks that are higher than 11inch. To prevent them from getting stuck or blocking the traffic again.

Then they should start rebuilding the bridge. To ensure that the bridge is rebuilt and getting build to the right height this time. This might cost a lot of money, but this is something that they should consider, to make the roadworthy for everyone to use, without risking getting into an accident underneath the bridge. Or, they should close down the bridge and road and build a completely new road, avoiding the bridge altogether.


21 trucks that were damaged and causing a huge pile-up with traffic, just because a bridge that is built too low. So much damage done, and this all of one person’s error. However, if the inspectors measure the bridge correctly, or if they put up warnings ahead of the bridge this could all be avoided.

This is just a sign that one should make sure that when you are hiring a contractor, that you are hiring one of the best contractors, and engineers to ensure that the job is getting done right.

One vicious bridge, 21 innocent trucks damaged. This because of a lower than a normal bridge, warning signs that are just added to the bridge, and no prior warnings to any bridge. A lesson for us all. When you hire a contractor, it is always best to make sure that you are going to hire someone with the right experience to know the requirements for building any structure. 

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