2 Most Popular Types of Water Heaters

Water Heater in Bathroom

A shower isn't a shower without warm water, and plenty of people do not enjoy a cold shower. Water heaters generally account for up to a quarter of a normal home's power consumption. This is the most significant reason why the majority of homeowners have shifted to more efficient water heaters to decrease electricity consumption and decreased prices.

You have to consider several factors before getting a fresh hot water heater for your own property. Some factors include the dimensions of their hot water heater, model, energy efficiency score, and setup requirements. This guide intends to provide advice which may help you pick the perfect type of heater for you.

There are two sorts of hot water heaters: storage tank and tankless. Every type has its advantages and disadvantages, which usually means you want to be aware of the similarities and differences between the two types so you could pick the best one for your requirements.

1. Storage tank

Storage tank heaters are comprised of an insulated steel container, a thermostat, a valve system, and a control panel. The water enters the storage tank heater via an inlet vent that's positioned at the bottom of the tank. The pipe carrying the water supply comprises two valves: a relief valve and an automated shut-off valve. The thermostat controls the heating element to achieve and maintain the water temperature. Once to the water inside the storage tank has reached a certain temperature, it then flows out of a supply line located in the upper field of the tank.

The relief valve will release water if the water pressure within the tank has exceeded safe limits. The lower part of this storage tank additionally comprises a drain socket which assists in the elimination of sediment build-up that collects within the hot water heater.

Most contemporary hot water heaters are fitted with control panels that allow consumers to adjust the settings and track the state of the heating device. The settings on the heater's control panel differ depending on whether it uses petrol or power for a power source.

It's more expensive to switch from a storage tank-type to a tankless one due to the additional electrical requirements. If you've got a storage tank-type, you're going to be better off replacing it with a similar version with a greater energy efficiency score.

2. Tankless

Tankless heaters, also referred to as on-demand water heaters, are not designed to always warm water. The water heating system is only triggered when the water source is discharged. As the water starts to flow in the machine, the heating element is triggered via an electromagnetic reaction. Water that is passed through the piping is heated to the preset temperatures. While tankless water heaters are more costly to set up, they use less energy leading to lower power bills for the owner.

Unlike the storage tank type, tankless systems can make a steady stream of hot water. An owner of a tankless water heater no longer has to await the tank to collect hot water. The design of a tankless water heater also eradicates the likelihood of water damage due to leaks from the tank.

Tankless systems could be located in a range of sizes, determined by the hot water requirements of the home. Some models can offer heated water to a single fixture, to some rooms or in the entire residence. However, as tankless systems rely on electricity to heat water, the operator can expect increased strain on the structure's electrical system, particularly if installing a whole house system.

Another variable for people considering buying a tankless heater could be the ambient temperatures of the water resource. The heating system should be able to heat the water to the desired temperature. Ambient water temperature substantially changes from place to place. The buyer should assess the device's flow rate to guarantee the heater can provide adequate hot water and is acceptable to your area.

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