Top 10 Keyboard Shortcuts to Use KMPlayer Effectively


We all are familiar with the multiple uses of KMPlayer and there’s no doubt that the multimedia utility boasts several features. Today we are here with a set of 10 best KMPlayer keyboard shortcuts so that you can use the player to its fullest.

These shortcuts will come handy the next time you bring the application to use. Now that you have got this article, just open KMPlayer and try out all shortcuts on your own as you read. Some are easy while some may take a while to practice. Once you are used to all of them, you will definitely feel a better and incredibly easier experience with the media player. We hope there’s something interesting for every KMPlayer user.

Here are the 10 keyboard shortcuts to check out in KMP:

1.  Play/Pause media with Spacebar

While we all know how to play and pause any media file in KMPlayer using the traditional mouse method, using this quick shortcut will surely help you. All you need to do is just press the Spacebar to control the media. The shortcut works on almost all other media players.

On the other hand, using Esc key will pause the currently playing media as well as minimize the player window to the system tray.

2.  Forward and Rewind media files

Now, forwarding or rewinding is something that most probably all people want to do often while enjoying any media.  Depending upon your requirement of whether you want to forward or rewind your file length, you can try using the following keyboard combinations:

  • For forward/ rewind up to 5 sec – Right Arrow/ Left Arrow
  • For forward/ rewind up to 30 sec – Ctrl + [Right Arrow/ Left Arrow]
  • For forward/ rewind up to 1 minute – Alt + [Right Arrow/ Left Arrow]
  • For forward/ rewind up to 10 minutes – Ctrl + Alt + [Right Arrow/ Left Arrow]


3.  Controlling Volume

Managing the sound level by scrolling the volume bar every time is surely an annoying and time-consuming way to adjust the volume. Best keyboard shortcut in KMPlayer to manage volume is to use the Up and Down arrows to raise or lower down the volume of the media player. To turn on mute, simply press M.

4.  Changing Video Frame Size

There are times when you are watching a video and then you realize that it would be better to watch it in full-screen mode. By pressing Enter, you can easily switch to full-screen mode. Use Ctrl + Enter and Ctrl + Alt + Enter for Stretch and Overscan full screen mode.

5.  Bookmark your favorite media

It’s pretty fun bookmarking media positions so that you can quickly get back to the same frame without wasting your time and effort. Just press P to bookmark any position. You can also use Alt + [Page Up/ Page Down] to enjoy the next or previously bookmarked position.

6.  Subtitle Shortcuts

Most people watch movies with subtitles. If you are one of them, then you should definitely check out this keyboard shortcut:

  • Alt + O to load Subtitle
  • Alt + X to Show or Hide Subtitle
  • Alt + Q to load Subtitle Editor
  • Alt + [F1/ F2/ F3] to Increase, Decrease, or Reset Font Size


7.  Activate Album Art

If you find album art missing from KMPlayer, most probably the feature is somehow disabled or deactivated. To activate it or change the skin of KMP, press Ctrl + Alt + L keyboard shortcut.

8.  Brightness, Contrast, and Saturation Settings

You may want to adjust the properties of the file like brightness, contrast, or saturation depending upon the video quality. Fortunately, you can easily adjust the hardware or software profiles by simple shortcuts:

NOTE: The shortcuts are listed in order of decrease, reset, and increase.

  • H/W Brightness – Q, W, E
  • S/W Brightness – T, Y, U
  • H/W Contrast – Z, X, C
  • S/W Contrast – V, B, N
  • H/W Saturation – A, S, D
  • S/W Saturation – G, H, J


9.  Adjust Audio/Video Settings

Did you know you can also adjust the settings for audios and videos in KMPlayer! Yes, you can try multiple keyboard shortcuts for adjusting different settings in the media player.

  • Crystality – Shift + F9
  • Normalizer – Shift + F2
  • Swap Channels – Shift + F7
  • Treble Enhancer – Shift + F4
  • Remove Right Channel – Shift + F6
  • Remove Left Channel – Shift + F5
  • Ignore All Settings – Shift + Bksp
  • Mean Y Filter – Ctrl + F6
  • Mean UV Filter – Ctrl + F7
  • Motion Blur – Ctrl + F1
  • Sharpen – Ctrl + F3
  • Soften (LPF) – Ctrl + F2
  • Gray Scale – Ctrl + F8
  • Mirror Image – Ctrl + F10
  • Auto Level Control – Ctrl + F9
  • File Input Picture – Ctrl + F11
  • File Output Picture – Ctrl + F12
  • Median Vertical Filter – Ctrl + F4
  • Median Horizontal Filter – Ctrl + F5

10.  Additional Controls

You can also try some additional shortcuts in KMPlayer. You may already know a few of these:

  • F1 – Help
  • F2 – Go to Preferences
  • Alt + E – Access Playlist Editor
  • Alt + G – Open Control Box
  • Alt + F4 – Close Media Player window
  • Ctrl + Z – Close Currently Playing Media File

These were the 10 best keyboard shortcuts that you can use to increase the productivity of KMPlayer and use it all the more effectively.

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